We believe in quality over quantity, bridge building, performer advocacy, good faith negotiations and apple pie.
Mostly apple pie.

Aurora lizardi - commercial & print agent

  • Degree in Directing/Playwriting from Cal State University, Fullerton

  • How I prefer to spend my weekends: Anything with my nephews is a win, my heart beats for them

  • After a stressful day: Cooking works better than wine

  • Favorite city in the United States: Chicago

  • Coolest moment in my life: Experiencing my baby nephew Mauricio being blessed by Pope Francis.




brian palatucci - operations

  • Degree in Theater from Cal State University of Long Beach

  • Hardest things I've ever done: Roofing and golfing (just try them
    and you'll get it)

  • Coolest thing I've ever done: Hiked in a natural rain forest in Guadalupe

  • Bitter/sweet moment: When my nephew beat me in golf

  • Favorite movie: The Deer Hunter (I'm a glutton for punishment)


  • Degree in Communications/Cinema Studies from Rutgers University

  • Little known fact: I enjoy whittling

  • Coolest thing I've ever done: Beat The Legend of Zelda before anyone else in Ms. Haas’ 3rd Grade class (eat it, Ben Holstein)

  • Someone I admire: Author, humanist, naturalist, and founder and lead singer of seminal punk band Bad Religion, Dr. Greg Graffin

  • Place I’d like to visit: Casablanca, Morocco